O’Leary-ous is a fan website for the actor Matt O’Leary that I designed, coded, and ran for 15 years. Above is the landing page for the most recent layout, which can be viewed here.

Below are sample pages from the previous layout design that ran for 3 years.
filmography page 2014 grid

Filmography Page

This is the grid view of all the acting projects on the website. When the user hovers over an image, a list of actor, the director, and the year of the project is shown. The user can then click on the image to go to that project’s page.

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filmography page 2014 list

Filmography Page

This is the list view of all acting projects, including those that may not have a page on the website. Clicking on a title takes the user to either that project’s page or its IMDb.com page. The articles and links pages also use this layout.

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time lapse page 2014

Film Pages

The biography, news, and project pages mirror the home page layout, except with a static header image instead of a rotating carousel. The project pages carry over the information from the filmography grid view, followed by a summary of project.

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Judy Conkel

A one page website for Numerologist/Astrologer Judy Conkel. Bootstrap is the core framework for the site. Clicking on a service option reveals a pop up box with more information. Visit the Site.

Top of page

Top of Page

Services section


Service info

Service Info

Heaven’s Gates

A rough mock up of a design idea for a non-profit organization’s new website. Bootstrap is the core framework for the site. This project is still in development. Visit the Mock Up.

home page

Home Page

programs page

Programs Page

contact page

Contact Page