Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire

Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire

Starring Matthew O’Leary, Laura Vandervoort, Miles Jeffrey, Caroline Rhea, Charless Shaughnessy, Robert Carradine Directed By Stephen Boyum Year 2000

The Story

MOM'S GOT A DATE WITH A VAMPIRE is a family Halloween-themed film made for the Disney Channel in 2000. It centers around thirteen year old, Adam Hansen (Matt O’Leary). His best friend Duffy (Jake Epstein) scored backstage passes to the hottest concert of the year, only problem, is Adam is currently grounded. Adam devises a plan, with help from his older sister Chelsea (Laura Vandervoot), to set up their mother Lynette (Caroline Rhea) with a date from the local personal ads. Unknowingly, the man they contacted (Charles Shaughnessy) is secretly a vampire. When Adam and Chelsea’s younger brother Taylor (Myles Jeffrey) discovers the truth, it is up to the siblings to pull together and save their mom from the vampire’s trance.

Matt’s Character

Matt plays Adam, the lead in the film. He is your typical young teenage boy, not doing his homework, playing video games, and fighting with his sister. At first glance, Adam seems like a selfish brat, setting his mother up on a date with a stranger he met over the internet, as well as promising the school bully a date with his sister, all so he would not miss a concert. It is Matt’s natural charisma that makes Adam a likable character and keeps the viewer from changing the channel. Adam eventually changes his ways and realizes the importance of family, even if it does involve cheesy Disney lines: “Only true love can break a vampire's trance.”



2001 Young Artist Awards -- Best Performance in a TV Movie for Young Actor Age Ten or Under: Myles Jeffrey


2001 Young Artist Awards -- Best Family TV Movie/Pilot/Mini-Series on Cable

2001 Young Artist Awards -- Best Performance by a Leading Young Actor in a TV Movie Comedy: Matt O’Leary

2001 Young Artist Awards -- Best Performance by a Leading Young Actress in a TV Movie Comedy: Laura Vandervoort

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