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Here is a list of great online articles about various films as well as interviews Matt has done. Links to video interviews, as well as screen caps, are available at O’Leary-ous on SmugMug.

Time Lapse

Time Lapse – The Interview by Kim Carney January 27, 2013
Review: Time Lapse – LIFF 2014 by Dave Ollerton April 29, 2014
SIFF 2014: ‘TIME LAPSE’ MOVIE REVIEW by Warren Cantrell May 23, 2014
Movie Review: Time Lapse Peers Into Your Dark, Twisted Future by Brent Mcknight June 1, 2014
FANTASIA14 REVIEW: TIME LAPSE [2014] by Jared Mobarak July 21, 2014
Time Lapse – Review by Martin Jensen July 31, 2014
Today at Fantasia: TIME LAPSE by Screen Team August 2, 2014
Fantasia 2014 Review: TIME LAPSE, A Sharply Written Indie Sci-Fi Picture by Kurt Halfyard August 4, 2014
Fantasia Film Festival 2014: Time Lapse (2014) by Kim @ Tranquil Dreams August 13, 2014


Pair join indie thriller ‘Drones’ by Dave Mcnary January 8, 2012
24FPS @ LFF 2013 Mini-Reviews by Sam Inglis October 5, 2013
Drones: London Review by Stephen Dalton October 19, 2013
AFF 2013 Interview: RICK ROSENTHAL AND ELOISE MUMFORD OF DRONES by Mark Saldana October 31, 2013
AFI FEST 2013 Review: ‘Drones’ Asks Big Questions Without Pretending to Know the Answers by Allison November 10, 2013
Drones by Brian Gallagher November 10, 2013
Drones by Jennie Kermode June 26, 2014
Drones (Review) by Nav Qateel June 27, 2014
DRONES Review! by Rama SCREEN June 29, 2014

Fat Kid Rules the World

FAT KID RULES THE WORLD by Debbie Lynn Elias 2012
FAT KID RULES THE WORLD by Mark Bell March 10, 2012
SXSW Film: Fat Kid Rules the World by Sarah Ksiazek March 10, 2012
Fat Kids Rule The World, South by Southwest Film Festival 2012 by Roger Longenbach March 13, 2012
Fat Kid Rules The World (2012) by Amanda Rebholz March 14, 2012
SXSW Film Review – Fat Kid Rules the World by Spencer Fornaciari March 23, 2012
SXSW Interview: ‘Fat Kid Rules The World’ Stars Jacob Wysocki and Matt O’Leary by Lance Carter March 27, 2012
My review of “Fat Kid Rules the World” World Premiere at 2012 SXSW Film Festival + Q&A pics by Larry Richman March 29, 2012
Fat Kids Rule The World by Joe Leydon April 2, 2012
Interview: Matthew Lillard talks ‘Fat Kid Rules the World’ by Andrew Parker May 7, 2012
Blackbird Recommends by helloblackbird May 17, 2012
SIFF 2012: ‘Fat Kid Rules The World’ [Review] by Jordan Magrath May 18, 2012
“Don't Fuck with the Fat Kid!” by Kathy Fennessy May 21, 2012
“Fat Kid Rules the World” by Gillian G. Gaar May 23, 2012
SIFF EXCLUSIVE: FAT KID RULES THE WORLD by Warren Cantrell May 30, 2012
Misfits, Outcasts and Lost Kids: Talking With Matthew Lillard About “Fat Kid Rules the World” by Lesley June 1, 2012
Fat Kid Rules the World in His Own Way by CS July 16, 2012
Fat Kid Rules the World Review by Kirk Haviland July 16, 2012
FILM REVIEW: ‘FAT KID RULES THE WORLD’ by Rachel Heine July 22, 2012
Fat Kid Rules the World (and my heart, too) by Deborah August 18, 2012
Matthew Lillard Makes His Directorial Debut in “Fat Kid Rules the World” at 35MVFF by Arthur Walsh October 2, 2012
Smashed All Day: Matthew Lillard on Fat Kid Rules the World by Fred Topel October 5, 2012
Movie Review: ‘Fat Kid Rules the World’ is the Indie Gem of the Year by Alex DiGiovanna October 5, 2012
Fat Kid Rules the World Review: Don't Call It a Comeback, I Been Here for Years by Daniel Carlson October 5, 2012
Capone talks with Matthew Lillard about his directing debut FAT KID RULES THE WORLD!!! by Capone October 8, 2012
Matthew Lillard Talks Directorial Debut ‘Fat Kid Rules The World,’ Distribution and Career Longevity by The Film Stage October 13, 2012
Fat Kid Rules the World Review by Brent Simon October 17, 2012
Fat Kid Rules The World (2012) by Mike Ward November 5, 2012
Bosco’s Word: Fat Kid Rules the World by Josef Rodriguez November 11, 2012
Movie Review: Fat Kid Rules The World by slamadams November 29, 2012
Nordling's Top 20 Films Of 2012! by Nordling December 21, 2012
“Fat Kid Rules The World” Review by Jason December 23, 2012
DVD Watch: ‘Fat Kid Rules the World’ by Richard Whittaker January 22, 2013
Fat Kid Rules the World by Jonathan Foster January 28, 2013
Shadows of Kurt Cobain and Other Rockers Play Across the Kid in ‘Fat Kid Rules the World’ by Dorothy Burk Vasquez January 31, 2013
Fat Kid Rules the World by Brent Simon February 1, 2013
DVD Review: Fat Kid Rules the World by Bobby Morgan June 20, 2013


SXSW Film: Eden by Sarah Ksiazek March 14, 2012
‘Eden’ Daily reviews and interviews by Monica Riese March 16, 2012
SXSW Review: ‘Eden’ by James Rocchi March 17, 2012
My pics of Matt O’Leary, Jamie Chung, Chong Kim “Eden” World Premiere at SXSW Film Festival + review by Larry Richman March 26, 2012
SIFF 2012 Review: Eden by Kim Voynar May 23, 2012
When All is Lost by Mark Dispenza May 18, 2013
Megan Griffiths Discusses Eden by Helen Earnshaw July 15, 2013
Far from Eden by M. Lý-Eliot August 12, 2013
Shades of Gray: ABDUCTION OF EDEN by David Speranza January 25, 2014

Natural Selection

SXSW: Stars of Big Winner ‘Natural Selection’ Finally Get Their Break by Borys Kit March 16, 2011
Texas native brings his first feature home by Charles Ealy March 16, 2011
A Conversation With Robbie Pickering, Rachael Harris and Matt O’Leary (NATURAL SELECTION) by Susanna Locascio March 17, 2011
Interview: Rachael Harris, Matt O’Leary and Director Robbie Pickering of SXSW’s Grand Jury Award Winner, ‘Natural Selection’ by Lance Carter March 18, 2011
Natural Selection Review: Quite Simply The Best SXSW Had To Offer by TK March 2011
Melbourne International Film Festival: 60 Films in 17 Days – Day 11 & 12 by Jess Lomas August 3, 2011
TFF Opening Night Film Review – Natural Selection by Brook West October 5, 2011
GFF 2012: Natural Selection Review by Jamie Neish February 19, 2012
Natural Selection by Peter Travers March 15, 2012
The Key to Natural Selection by Robbie Pickering March 16, 2012
Review: ‘Natural Selection’ Mixes Family, God and Morning Wood Into an Offbeat and Rewarding Comedy by Rob Hunter April 29, 2012
Review: ‘Natural Selection’ survives with Rachael Harris by Betsy Sharkey May 18, 2012
Review: ‘Natural Selection’ Surprises and Charms in More Ways Than One On Its Odd Couple Road Trip Journey by Katie Walsh May 18, 2012
‘Natural Selection’ has the genes to survive by Betsy Sharkey June 21, 2012

Spy Kids 2

Interviews SPY KIDS II by Ross Anthony 2002
SPY KIDS: The Island of Lost Dreams ABOUT THE PRODUCTION by Hollywood Jesus 2002
Kris gives the first review of SPY KIDS 2: ISLAND OF LOST DREAMS by Chris July 26, 2002
15 Years Later, Where Is The Cast Of ‘Spy Kids’ Now? by Angela Dauvin March 9, 2016


FRAILTY Movie Review by Christos N. Gage 2002
The ‘Best’ Horror Films That Flopped by Scott Mendelson October 17, 2013
‘Frailty’ Shows a Terrifying Strength by Paul Donovan April 28th, 2016


‘Disturbance’ full of chills, plot lapses / Thriller entertains with Travolta’s help by Mick LaSalle November 2, 2001
Quint holds a BRICK over director Rian Johnson’s head and makes him tell all! by Quint April 14, 2006
‘Death’ becomes him by Jeff Bell September 09, 2007
Capone has seen Darren Lynn Bousman’s dark, disturbing take on MOTHER’S DAY!!! by Capone May 19, 2010
‘Lone Ranger’ adds to cast by Rachel Abrams February 28, 2012
Filming Begins of “La Pierde Almas” in Etla by Andres Carrera Pineda October 23, 2014
Stung Review: The Creature Feature You Want by Sam Zimmerman April 22, 2015
What Are Your Favorite Childhood TV Stars Up to These Days? by Christopher Rosa September 24 2015
Bokeh by Eddie Pasa March 23, 2017
‘Bokeh’ Review: A Gorgeous, Peaceful Apocalypse by Rex Reed March 24, 2017