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About Carriage Driving

Carriage Driving a fast growing sport, offered to most and to individuals with physical, mental, sensory, or emotional challenges the rewards of interaction and control of a horse or pony while driving from a carriage seat. For individuals with mobility needs, the carriage seat can be modified to accommodate most individuals.

Carriage driving gives participants a riding alternative, opening up the world of horses to those who may not be unable to ride due to weight, balance, fatigue, allergies, asthma, fear of heights, the inability to sit astride, or other concerns. It also can provide the individual with a unique movement experience.

Therapeutic or Recreational carriage driving is about imparting knowledge of safety, horses, harnessing, and driving skills to children and adults with or without disablilities using teamwork. It takes a team of 3-4 trained volunteers to assist an individual with carriage driving.

About Therapeutic Horsemanship

On-ground skills, such as grooming and interacting with horses can create an opportunity for some to overcome fear and develop confidence. Working alongside a horse, in spite of those fears, provides wonderful insight when dealing with other intimidating and challenging events in life. In addition, it helps individuals form a physical and emotional bond with a beauiful horse that can last a lifetime.

As part of our Horsemanship Skills lessons, participants will learn and improve on some of the following:

  • Confidence & Trust
  • Bathing & Grooming
  • Anatomy of the Horse
  • Leading
  • Safe Handling
  • Tack Indentification & much more.

Our Horsemanship Skills lessons are offered in 4 week sessions and can accommodate up to 6 participants.

About Therapeutic Horseback Riding

We teach an individual the necessary skills and techniques required to ride a horse as independently as possible. The emphasis is not only on the physical benefits of riding, but also on the development of the relationship between the rider and horse.

Therapeutic Horseback Riding allows participants to get away from traditional therapy methods and have a little fun while getting much needed therapies.

Our Therapeutic Riding lessons are offered in 8 week sessions and can accommodate up to 4 participants per class.